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Freelance Game Critic and Prose Writer. Former Artistry in Games co-Editor-in-Chief. Former Sr. Games Editor/Video Lead for The Game Effect.

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Dead space article

Dead Space Review

An in-depth review of Dead Space and why it remains a classic.

Home hero characters article

Beer and Brawling with Vince Fennel: Bierzerkers Interview - YouTube

Designed by industry veterans behind Call of Duty and Halo 4, Bierzerkers is a game of brutal viking combat, beer, and sheep in kilts. I sit down with the project's producer Vince Fennel to talk about the studio's plans with the game, Steam Early Access, and games as inspiration.

Open uri20140416 12928 xgi3g5 article

Finding Religion in Dead Space

Religion is something a lot of games avoid or touch lightly on. Others stomp on it with malice. Yet, Dead Space touches the core of religious life better than anyone could have hoped for.


Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron Review

Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron Review

Batman arkham origins sept 18 4 article

Batman Arkham Origins Review

An in-depth review of Batman: Arkham Origins' campaign and multiplayer.

Soma article

SOMA Review

SOMA terrifies more with its deep philosophical questions than with its lackluster monsters.

Resogun0924131280jpg e94d44 1280w article

Resogun Review

Resogun leaves you wanting more in the worst way possible.

Blues bullets 1 article

Blues and Bullets Episode 1 Review

Blues and Bullets Episode 1 shows that there's more than one studio who can put together a solid episodic adventure game.

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A Descent Into Homeworld: Fathom Interview

Homeworld's had a suprisingly good resurrgence recently, which is great for strategy fans. Yet, there's a whole lot more that could be done with 3D strategy titles. It's also been ages since we saw a fully 3D shooter like Descent or Aquanox. Good news everybody, Fathom is here to scratch both those itches as a strategy-shooter hybrid!

Budget gaming pc components article

Game Journalism 101: Reviewing on a Budget with Kotaku's G.B. Burford

I sit down with G.B. Burford about being a freelance game critic, how we review games, and surviving on an extremely tight budget.

The deer god article

The Deer God Abridged Review

The Deer God is a lesson in how to make a game that hates its audience and holds them in contempt for not recognizing it's "brilliance".


The Conduit Review

The Conduit Review

Sunsetoverdrive review image article

Sunset Overdrive Review

Insomniac Games has had a rough patch recently with the Resistance series and FUSE. Can the developers that brought us Ratchet & Clank and Spyro return to form? Yes they can, and they do it with style! Insomniac knocks it out of the park and out of sight with one of the best next-gen and Xbox One exclusives to date. Sunset Overdrive is the Xbox One game to beat.

Euclidean article

Euclidean Review

Euclidean makes itself out to be Lovecraftian horror, but it's more contrived than a Paranormal Activity sequel.

Dishonored review image article

Dishonored Review

Sometimes games are better on a second glance, such as the case today with Dishonored. A first person stealth game with bite and beautiful execution, it remains one of the most cohesive experiences published by Bethesda in recent memory. It is easily one of the best games I've reviewed this year.