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Elijah Beahm

I am a Freelance Writer/Video Edito

Freelance Game Critic and Prose Writer. Former Artistry in Games co-Editor-in-Chief. Former Sr. Games Editor/Video Lead for The Game Effect.

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The Dangerous Development Cycle of Assassin's Creed

Ubisoft plays with fire in its risky endeavor to make Assassin's Creed one of the largest AAA franchises in gaming.

Mh header article

Mythology and Moon Hunters with Tanya Short

I sit down with Tanya Short about her upcoming mythic exploration RPG, Moon Hunters.

Slender the arrival beta screenshot 6 by vincent is mine d5vak1z article

Scrounging For Bullets: You Can't Take Combat Out of Horror ...

Does taking combat out of horror really improve things? Maybe not, after all.

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Dead Upon Pre-Order

Game publishers are pushing their luck with pre-orders, having forgotten the very reason such services existed in the first place.

2014 07 29 00054 article

Darkwood Preview - Artistry in Games

Darkwood impresses thanks to great design, unpredictable scares, and ominous atmosphere.

2014 09 26 00038 article

Styx: Master of Shadows Review - Artistry in Games

Styx: Master of Shadows tries to steal gamers' hearts, but his technique needs work.

Gam bioshock2mp2 580 article

The Other Multiplayer: Experiencing The Alternatives

What can developers and gamers gain from alternative multiplayer options?

2014 07 03 00023 article

Nosgoth Preview

Pysonix's new multiplayer Legacy of Kain game impresses with fantastic gameplay and razor sharp balancing.

2014 12 02 000251 article

The Old City: Leviathan Review

Dear Esther opened the door to a new type of narrative focused games. The Old City proceeds towards that door, trips, and falls on its face into a mousetrap.

Lacops article

LA Cops (Early Access) Preview - Artistry in Games

LA Cops (Early Access) is a loose cannon, but gets results.

Assassins creed rogue wide article

Assassin's Creed: Rogue Review

While AC: Unity fumbles at moving the franchise forward, AC: Rogue proves there's still some life to the series.

Open uri20140721 18435 j9mhq5 article

Titanfall (Post-Launch) Review

Does TItanfall still hold up on PC, months after it's March launch? Does it stand worthy for sixty dollars? Unfortunately, not really in either case.

Open uri20140806 27042 1kvccm2 article

Orcs Must Die! Unchained Preview - Artistry in Games

Orcs Must Die! Unchained proposes a new form of play for the series. Does it hold up under close inspection?

2014 07 27 00013 article

Still Alive! Sniper Elite V2 (PC)

The first entry in my first series on Artisry in Games -- Still Alive! a series about long living multiplayer games and modes that stood the test of time, even with they might have had the critical or commercial success they were hoping for.

10 1 guardians 2 shot article

Destiny Review (Playstation 3)

Destiny disappoints but pulls out a few small victories in the end.