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Elijah Beahm

I am a Freelance Writer/Video Edito

Freelance Game Critic and Prose Writer. Former Artistry in Games co-Editor-in-Chief. Former Sr. Games Editor/Video Lead for The Game Effect.

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Kneedeep02 1 article

Knee Deep - Bodies in the Bayou

Knee Deep impresses with its creative storytelling and southern charm.

Kd01 article

Interview With Wes Platt on… Knee Deep

I sit down with the lead writer and developer of Knee Deep, Wes Platt, to discuss how the game came to be, what story beats didn't make the cut, and all sorts of behind the scenes goodness.

Echo01 article

Interview with Martin Emborg of Ultra Ultra

Upcoming stealth-action title ECHO promises an ambitious director AI that learns from your playstyle and mimics it. I sit down with Ultra Ultra studio head Martin Emborg to discuss his team's upcoming project.

Quake article

Hot Take, Old Game: Quake

Does the classic FPS Quake still hold up after over a decade of innovations and iterations on the shooter genre? Surprisingly, yes!